Air Purifier by ManNature

- Air Purifier Filter 2, efficiency of filter dust and odor filter
- Air Purifier Filter heavy metal vapor, formaldehyde, volatile substances, germs, fungi, bacteria and allergens.
- Air Purifier Plasma Electrostatic filter with Active Oxygen and Titanium Dioxide + UV lamp that can inhibit germs up to 99.9% - Air Purifier No ozone destroys the user's tissue.
- Air Purifier Quiet operation and save electricity with the system Sleep Mode
- Air Purifier No need to change filters Can be washed
- Air purification of the fan at the strongest level Use 28 watts of electricity and air purification in the room 190 m3 / hr
- Air Purifier Suitable for areas of 40 - 60 sq.m.
- Air Purifier Set the work time from 1 - 9 hours
- Air Purifier Silent operation and save electricity with Sleep Mode
- Air Purifier 1 year warranty

Details Air Purifier By ManNature

Name : AP-T800
Weight : 8.5 kg
Size : 306 X 242 X 465 mm.

Room size : 40 - 60 Square meter
Fresh air generation rate : 190 Cubic meters per hour
Loudness at work : Minimum 35 decibels

Step 1, coarse dust filter, pollen, wool, fiber
Step 2 The box captures the dust. Electrostatic Plasma (Germany EPPO Filter Shield Purification Technology) Electrostatic Ion
• Extremely effective in capturing dust that is as small as 0.1 - 0.3 Micron with technology Electrostatic Adsorption Pressure Surface adsorption is a process of sucking heavy metals, mercury vapor, smoke, exhaust from cars. And detaching small dust particles on the surface of the filter
• 6,000 watts of electrostatic power generates ozone to destroy the growth cycle of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, destroy odors, chemicals and toxic gases. Do not leave toxic residues Plasma Releasing positively charged particles (H +) and negative ions (OZ-), which are the same as in nature, into the air at the same time to destroy fungal cell walls Kill the virus And bacteria floating in the air Break down allergens Eliminate rotten smell Various damp odors that adhere to the furniture, curtains, walls of various rooms, resulting in clean air.
Step 3 Concentrated carbon filter Can absorb toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Formaldehyde. The toxins that lurk in the air evaporate easily at normal temperatures Causing air pollution This toxin is present in household products such as paints, household cleaners, bleach, dry cleaners, insecticides, cigarette smoke, smoke.
Step 4 The Active Oxygen filter is responsible for controlling the amount of ozone released at the level of 0.05 PPM (international standard), which is the amount of ozone in nature.
Step 5 Catalyst Filter (TI02) acts to absorb air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause dust. PM 2.5 aerosol and can eliminate the cell wall of microorganisms Including organic substances that cause odor Causing microorganisms and pollutants to decay
Step 6 Energy-saving UV LED Kill germs up to 99.9%
Step 7 Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 190 cubic meters per hour.
PM or Particulate Matters is a term for the standard values ​​of small dust that is harmful to the health of the US state Environmental Protection Agency (US).
- PM 10 There is a general term that the Course Particle is a particle with a diameter of 2.5 - 10 microns. It is the source of traffic on roads that are not paved. According to the transportation of materials Dust from rock crushing activities
- PM 2.5 There is a general term that Final Particles are particles that are smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter. They are originated from the waste of cars, power plants, industrial plants. Smoke caused by cooking food using force In addition, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may cause fine dust formation as well.